Exploring PA {Knoebels}

For as long as I've known Teeds, he's been talking about this place called "Knoebels". Knoebels is an amusement park located in Elysburg, PA. The park is free admission & is basically the best place on earth. I don't like to cheat on Disney World, but frankly… I can't afford him. Knoebels is like Disney's handsome mountain-man cousin. He's got that down-home feel & hanging with him won't leave you broke. So anyway, Teeds & I dragged my bestie Vicki so she could fall in love, too! 

Safe to say, she had a blast. 
Knoebels offers fun for every type of person. Vicki and Teeds love thrill rides, and they had over 15 to choose from. I'm set at a more slow pace so Daphne (my pooch) and I watched the musical numbers and toured Knoebels by train… yes you read that right, the park is dog friendly AND pets can ride the train! There were also a ton of food and drink options. The park has a number of sit down restaurants and food courts. There were even a few vegan options which made me quite happy! I munched on a black bean burger while Daphne ate a hot dog. 

Vicki's Favorite Rides:
1. Impluse (pictured above)
2. Phoenix 

Taylor's Favorite Rides:
1. Phoenix
2. Twister

Lynn's Favorite Rides:
1. Black Diamond
2. Pioneer Train

I think Knoebels is a hidden gem in pennsylvania and worth a visit!

xo, Lynn Raye

Vegan Comfort

I used to think that going vegan/vegetarian would force me to give up my favorite comfort foods. Thanks to pinterest, i've been able to find some really good blogs that have AMAZING vegan recipes. Sometimes the recipes fail (because i can't follow directions), and sometimes…. they win. 

A few weeks ago, I made Vegan Pot Pie for Teeds & I and boy was it a win! 
The recipe is pretty simple and only takes about an hour to complete. 
Pot Pie is the perfect comfort food after a long work day. 

My attempt (photo below) doesn't look pretty, but tasted AMAZING.
Recipe can be found here!

xo, Lynn Raye

Doylestown, PA

My friend Alex & I were looking for a little adventure after a longgggg rehearsal. The two of us have had conflicting schedules and just wanted to spend the afternoon shopping, eating, & catching up. Her friendship is so important to me, and since I moved two hours away… I savor every moment with her. 

We decided to head to Doylestown, PA because we knew it would be a cool place to explore. Alex is GF/Vegetarian & I'm vegan, so finding a place to eat proved to be a bit of a challenge. We eventually stumbled upon Doc Bakers Farmulations on Main Street. All Raw, All Vegan, & All GF. We were pretty happy. We got juices, wraps, and a salad. The food was fresh, organic, and TASTY. We got to chat with the owner and his son about NEPA(where they used to live). It was such a positive place to be & ended up being the perfect ending to our day. 

If you're ever in Doylestown & need a healthy snack, Doc Bakers Farmulations is the place to go.
Your body & taste buds will thank you!

xo, Lynn Raye