--> changes <--

Safe to say that our adventure has begun.
I'ts 7am & there's a sick four year old cuddled close to me on the couch. 
The kids we've been praying for are finally here & all of our lives have changed completely. 
My morning routine used to consist of walking Daphne, packing my lunch, and getting ready for work with a podcast playing.
Now my mornings are a mess of running around trying to feed and dress sleepy kids, take them to day care, and still be on time for work. 
Our evenings are full of disney shows, quick clean ups, & meals I have to be creative and make. 
Do you know how long it's been since I cooked meat? When I cooked chicken for the kids the other day, I had to cut through every large piece to make sure it was cooked through. 
This is crazy ya'll but Teeds & I are loving it. 

I truly hope to update this blog more going forward.
Ideally I'd like to post once a week.
let's see how it goes. 

Lynn Raye.