--> Adventure <--

I like the trend of people choosing a word for the year. 
This year I'd like "adventure" to be my word & theme. 
Taylor & I have been in NEPA for over a year now and it's finally starting to feel like home. 

After months & months of searching, we found a church to grow and serve in. 
It feels like home when Taylor and I drive up to the little A frame sanctuary. 
The outside is pretty sweet, but the people inside are even sweeter. 
I foresee God leading us on MANY adventures this year with the VCC community. 

Another big adventure that we are about to embark on is the foster to adopt process. 
We chose our agency & have started completing the mountain of paperwork that comes with it. 
As the Christmas season approached, Taylor reminded me that this would most likely be our last Christmas just he & I. I've been dreaming about adoption my entire life. 2016 will likely be the year that I become a mother. How terrifying & amazing. I've been hanging onto Taylor a little tighter this season & thanking God for allowing him to be the man that I share this adventure with. 
Please keep us in your prayers as we embark on this journey.
It will not be easy. 

God has also brought new faces into my life. I had been praying for gal pals for quite a while & God delivered greatly. 2015 brought a coworker that quickly became a close friend & a sweet soul that I met while thrifting. There will be many adventures with these two ladies this year, I can feel it! 

Agh. The new year always brings resolutions and goals.
My goal in 2016 to embrace this upcoming adventure with a positive heart. 
I always look at the glass half empty & I'd like that to change. 
There are so many small blessings I don't see. 
My goal is to see those blessings. 

Here's to the great adventure to come. 

Hello 2016.

xo, Lynn Raye


  1. I am so happy and totally support you becoming Foster parents!! I work in TN as a foster parent trainer, and you guys (Foster parents) have one of the hardest jobs, yet also the best. My prayers to you, the agency you're with, the kids who come into your life, and their birth families.

  2. Lynn,
    I am so excited for you. This is going to be a crazy/good adventure and I can't wait to hear updates in the process. I hope that one day, Kristin and I will be following along in that process, even though I am scared out of my mind to do it.

  3. What an amazing year it's going to be! Cheers to the most adventurous year yet!

  4. So amazing that you are becoming foster parents! What a blessing! Happy new year! It's going to be a great one!