-- Friday Finds-- Grandma Jeans

I LOVE any trend that promotes comfort & joy. 
The mom jean trend totally changed my life. 
The other day at my favorite boutique (aka salvation army family store),
I found these grandma jeans. 
Nothing says Granny quite like an elastic waist. 
Here I am trying to make these $2.00 jeans look fashionable. It may look like I'm rocking an adult diaper underneath them, but I'm into it. 

I'm feeling this look with my american apparel circle scarf and a tank. 

Grandma Jeans are my new thing. 
Gonna go knit something, BRB

xo, Lynn Raye

-- Exploring PA -- Wapwallopen Peach Fest

This Saturday, I had a full tank of gas & an urge to explore. 
I contacted two of my close friends & had them meet at my place for an adventure. 
We drove to the Wapwallopen Peach Festival. 
(donut peaches)

It was 90 degrees & we got there when all the food was gone, but it was still so much fun.
The best part of the fest was the vendors! There were 50 vendors selling crafts and natural beauty supplies. I bought a healing spray, a natural lip balm, & handmade soap. I love visiting outdoor festivals & supporting local farms/crafters! I had a blast with my friends as we bit into fresh peaches and took goofy selfies.

After our peach adventure, we made our way to Bloomsburg to visit our friend Tristan & hit up the Salvation Army on Main Street. We enjoyed amazing coffee at The Fog & Flame and had the best conversations over burritos. Sometimes NEPA surprises me… This weekend was a good surprise.

xo, Lynn Raye

--when your little girl gets married & you ugly cry--

I have always felt super protective of Susan. Since the beginning of our friendship, I have always taken on the mother role when it comes to her. Offering up my two cents into her life and telling her what to do is my favorite. She has been my friend for over ten years & when she got married last week… I cried like a baby. Susan & Tom got married at Pomme in Radnor, PA. The venue was lovely, but Susan stole the show. I teared up as she walked down the aisle. I began to sniffle as her parents hugged her so tight she couldn't breathe. But when she stood before Tom with the biggest smile i've ever seen… I full on ugly cried. My little girl all grown up & so happy. It was a beautiful day for a beautiful couple to get married. I feel so blessed that I was able to share in Susan & Tom's special day.

xo, Lynn Raye

-- small sacrifices --

Sometimes my acid reflux is so bad that I have to sleep on the couch. When I lie (lay?) flat, I wake up in the middle of the night feeling sick as a dog. I'm not sure if it's a mental thing, but being on the couch always makes me feel better. Every so often, I feel a pain in my chest & I have to sleep on the couch just in case. My husband is the sweetest because on those couch nights, he makes a bed on the floor right next to me. Even though we have a cozy bed less than 9 feet away, (yes our apartment is THAT small) Taylor would rather sleep next to me.
He sacrifices his comfort for mine. 

I am so blessed to be married to a man who remembers that the small things make me swoon. 
His love is thoughtful & kind.

Happy Birthday to my Teeds.

xo, Lynn Raye

-- Exploring PA , Nucleus Cafe --

Last weekend, my friend Alex came to visit.
She's GF & vegetarian so it's kind of hard to accommodate her in WB.
Thankfully, Nucleus Foods is only a town over.
I love having lunch at nucleus.
Their dishes are all raw/vegan/gf & they taste amazing.
I always leave Nucleus feeling full and completely satisfied.
You can find out more about Nucleus Foods here!

xo, Lynn Raye