-- Richmond, VA --

Teeds & I visited Richmond, VA on our way to Lake Gaston.
Richmond is special because my best girl lives there. 
Her name is Sabs (i'm into weird nicknames) & she just gets me.
Sabs & I were suite mates, roommates, & neighbors during our college days. 
Our college friendship consisted of adventures gone wrong, late night chats about Jesus, & playing dress up. Our grown up friendship isn't that much different except we are both old, married, and we live far away from each other. 

We stopped in Richmond for 24 hours of much needed bestie time. 
 Coffee & brunch at The Daily in Carytown
Carnivore/herbivore heaven.
Shopping around & posing with my darling

24 hours just wasn't enough time with my Sabs...
but it was better than nothing.

Can't wait to visit again in a few weeks and spend an entire weekend.

xo, Lynn Raye

New Family

Marriage is so bizarre.
You start a new family
you inherit someone else's family
you share your own family. 
It's just weird. 

On Friday night I had the privilege of cooking dinner & hosting my in-laws. 
I wanted the meal to be perfect... MADE FROM SCRATCH. FRESH. ORGANIC. 

Trying to impress/win over/be myself
around a new family is hard.

I find myself a bit difficult to love. 
I live in extremes and it's easy to misinterpret my passion. 

Trying to figure out my place in this new family has been hard for me. 
& there have been many ups and downs.
But God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)

This family was predestined & created by God for His good. 
It will take time. It will take faith. It will take prayer.
But it will work. 
& it will be worth it.

As I was chopping veggies & stirring sauces,
I thought about how much effort it was taking to make this meal work.
Sweat was dripping.
My back was aching. 
I worked that morning so I was really tired...
& it almost felt pointless. 

But when they arrived & saw my table full of yummies just for them...
I realized it was worth it. 

It takes work 
but it's worth it.

(it's not perfect but it's made from scratch, fresh, & organic... Just like my new family)

xo, Lynn Raye

Summer Walks

Every evening Teeds & I take our little pup on a walk around the hood. 
We talk about our hopes, dreams, & plans for the future. We hold hands & dance & explore. 
Teeds & I have big BIG dreams
and we serve big BIG God. 
Living in this little city has been hard for me…

But walking around last night with my favorites put my heart at ease. 
This is where we are right now. 
This is where God has planted us. 

I will find joy. 

xo, Lynn Raye

ps if i'm lucky, I get coconut chocolate ice cream after :)

Thrift Challenge

Every night before I fall asleep, I peruse Pinterest on my phone. I pin my hopes and dreams… & in the process, I give myself thrift challenges. Since the triumphant return of 80's & 90's fashion.. I can find a lot of pinteresty outfits at my local thrift stores. When I find outfits I love, I screen shot them & make it my mission to find something similar. Here are my latest "thrift challenges"

My friend Alex asked me to find her something embroidered
Something like this: 

I found: 

I saw a white dress at Need Supply Co. that I thought was very cool & homeschool(ish)
Super oversized… Could be worn many ways. I NEEDED to find something similar

I found:

(Ended up not being my favorite dress)

I started pinning red & white striped tops (very where's waldo)

I found: 

So my finds weren't exact but i'm excited about trying to make them work.

This weekend Alex & I are spending an entire day thrifting. You can bet i'll be spending this week pinning outfits & getting inspired.

Can't wait for another challenge!

xo, Lynn Raye

little green couch

We have a little puke green couch that we got from the Habitat for Humanity Restore about a year ago sitting in our living room. The puke green couch isn't very comfortable or cute… but it works just fine for hulu binges and occasional naps. Teeds and I can both sit on the couch & be semi-comfortable. 
But the BEST times are when he isn't home & Daphne and I can lay together for hours. We wrap up in our blankets, put on some housewives (whichever city… Daphne likes Atlanta best), & hunker down for a few hours. The puke green couch serves Daphne & I well after a long work week. Sometimes when Taylor is home and we're sharing the puke green couch… I can see the longing in Daphne's eyes. She longs for the moment when Taylor heads to the market or work so we can have our cuddlefest & reality show marathon. Don't tell Teeds… but I long for those moments sometimes too. 
Just something about a girl & her dog & her puke green couch. 

xo, Lynn Raye

O H little city

This little city weighs on me. 

I love my husband & our pup…

But we need an adventure.

We weren't created to live a bland life.

we were created to serve.

Today, Teeds & I are praying for adventure. 

xo, Lynn Raye

Friday {Finds}

My love for thrifting comes from years of treasure hunting with my grandmother. Lady Diane (as I lovingly refer to her) has an eye for home decor, antiques, and bargains. Even though we live far away from each other, we always keep up to date with our latest thrift store finds. Lady Diane's latest find is a beautiful piece of wall decor that she found at goodwill. I like how the picture sets an inviting tone for her entire living room. Check it out below! 

Proud to say that everything featured in this living room (minus the couch) is thrifted. 
My Grandmother is clearly the MVP of thrifting.
Love it. 
xo, Lynn Raye