--Friday Finds--

Sometimes I find stuff at the thrift store.
Sometimes I find stuff shopping local.
Sometimes I find stuff at the mall.
Sometimes I find stuff at flea markets/outdoor festivals. 
Sometimes I find stuff at target… 
& dang… I find STUFF 
all the time.
I'm the queen of stuff.
So here is a round up of the best stuff I've found lately. 
ok? Ok. 

This soap.
It smells amazing & makes my skin feel all kinds of soft.
I am a sucker for handmade soaps.
I bought this one at an outdoor flea market. I lost the name of the vendor though so I can't post the link. BUT seriously… find natural soaps or make them yourself.
Handmade/natural soap is so much better for your skin. 

I know it's fall-- but I  can't quit coconut.
It smells so good & it was $3.00 at Target in the dollar section. 

This lip treatment is the best part of all my stuff.
I bought one to try when I was recently in my hometown. They were on sale and I regret not buying four of them. It feels like I'm putting silk on my lips. The color is plain so my lips just look glossy. 
Agh. I want moreeeee. 
You can find them Here !! 

Gah I love stuff. 
xo, Lynn Raye

-- Exploring PA -- Linvilla Orchards

A few weeks ago, my family set out to the orchard to hang out for the day.
We ate the greasiest foods & bought all the plants. 
We brought my little cousins which made the trip even more fun.

Those girls know how to have a good time. 
We got lost in mazes & conned our mom-mom into buying us whatever we wanted. 
I love spending time with my little girls.

Linvilla is such a beautiful family friendly little place.
There are a ton of activities for kids & cute animals to feed. Teeds & I are old and we still liked it. 

Visiting an orchard in the fall is what you're supposed to do. 
do it before fall goes away. 
do it.
sip your pumpkin drink & do it.
it's fall. 

xo, lynn raye