Exploring PA {Knoebels}

For as long as I've known Teeds, he's been talking about this place called "Knoebels". Knoebels is an amusement park located in Elysburg, PA. The park is free admission & is basically the best place on earth. I don't like to cheat on Disney World, but frankly… I can't afford him. Knoebels is like Disney's handsome mountain-man cousin. He's got that down-home feel & hanging with him won't leave you broke. So anyway, Teeds & I dragged my bestie Vicki so she could fall in love, too! 

Safe to say, she had a blast. 
Knoebels offers fun for every type of person. Vicki and Teeds love thrill rides, and they had over 15 to choose from. I'm set at a more slow pace so Daphne (my pooch) and I watched the musical numbers and toured Knoebels by train… yes you read that right, the park is dog friendly AND pets can ride the train! There were also a ton of food and drink options. The park has a number of sit down restaurants and food courts. There were even a few vegan options which made me quite happy! I munched on a black bean burger while Daphne ate a hot dog. 

Vicki's Favorite Rides:
1. Impluse (pictured above)
2. Phoenix 

Taylor's Favorite Rides:
1. Phoenix
2. Twister

Lynn's Favorite Rides:
1. Black Diamond
2. Pioneer Train

I think Knoebels is a hidden gem in pennsylvania and worth a visit!

xo, Lynn Raye

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