--Friday Finds--

Sometimes I find stuff at the thrift store.
Sometimes I find stuff shopping local.
Sometimes I find stuff at the mall.
Sometimes I find stuff at flea markets/outdoor festivals. 
Sometimes I find stuff at target… 
& dang… I find STUFF 
all the time.
I'm the queen of stuff.
So here is a round up of the best stuff I've found lately. 
ok? Ok. 

This soap.
It smells amazing & makes my skin feel all kinds of soft.
I am a sucker for handmade soaps.
I bought this one at an outdoor flea market. I lost the name of the vendor though so I can't post the link. BUT seriously… find natural soaps or make them yourself.
Handmade/natural soap is so much better for your skin. 

I know it's fall-- but I  can't quit coconut.
It smells so good & it was $3.00 at Target in the dollar section. 

This lip treatment is the best part of all my stuff.
I bought one to try when I was recently in my hometown. They were on sale and I regret not buying four of them. It feels like I'm putting silk on my lips. The color is plain so my lips just look glossy. 
Agh. I want moreeeee. 
You can find them Here !! 

Gah I love stuff. 
xo, Lynn Raye

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