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We moved. 

(It's not the cutest thing in the world but it's ours. Hoping to add mums & a pumpkin out here ASAP... Oh & that door is SCREAMING for a wreath!!)

We didn't really want to move but that's a story for another day. 
So we went from our little two bedroom apartment (that we just moved into in MARCH) to a little townhouse around the corner. I could list 8,000 negatives about how unfair this move was -- but today I just want to focus on the positive. This little townhouse has a lot of perks.
Teeds & I have a bigger bedroom with two closets! It also has a little half bath which is strange but cool because I've never had a master bathroom before. It's great to have it right there for us when we need it. Small bladder Sally over here really appreciates that half bath. 

The kids now have their own rooms. Before, we split their room into two using IKEA shelving. I was really proud of that tiny room but this situation has shown itself to be much better. Bedtime has been a lot easier now that the kids have separate spaces. Little Dude's room is almost as big as ours which is cool because he likes to build tracks for his hot wheels cars. Now he can keep his huge track up without the room feeling cluttered. 

 (Can't wait to see how this space will look after we've decorated a little more. PS this is only one half of his room.)

Baby girl has a big girl bed (we had her in a toddler bed before) & she's loving the fact that she can line up ALL of her stuffed animals on it AND still have room for jumping. We were also able to set up the teepee that Susan made for the shower in her room. That teepee is my favorite thing EVER. 

The kitchen is also much larger. We have a little window in the kitchen which makes the room super bright and airy.  I have dying plants crowding that window right now.. Maybe the sunshine will bring them back to life. I only wish my thumb was green. 

My absolute favorite room in the house is the laundry room. We haven't had a washer & dryer readily available to us for two years. We would have to let laundry pile up and then take it down the street & pay for it. If we wanted to wash a rug or a thick blanket, we'd have to wait and take it to my parents house in Delaware. Since moving in, I have been spending a lot of quality time with my new washing machine. I'd insert a picture of it in here right now, but I don't want to scare anyone.  It's a little too full of towels and blankets right now. We now have a lot more storage than we ever did which could be a blessing or a curse. Sometimes when I see empty space, I feel a need to fill it up immediately. Here's hoping I'll be inspired to embrace the open space.  Maybe when this house is completely unpacked & decorated, I'll post some more pictures. Who knows?! Right now it's a work in progress. I can't wait to see how it all turns out though. I have some cool ideas thanks to Pinterest!

Like I said before, this move wasn't what anyone of us really wanted.
There's so much about this journey that I can't control & it's really hard for me. This foster care thing is scary & I feel out of control more than ever. 
But we would move again tomorrow, and again the next day if God told us to. Just as He moves for His children, He has called us to move for ours. We have not been called to be comfortable. 
“This is the unavoidable conclusion of Matthew 10. To everyone wanting a safe, untroubled, comfortable life free from danger, stay away from Jesus. The danger in our lives will always increase in proportion to the depth of our relationship with Christ.” - David Platt 

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