High Five for Friday!

Happy Friday friends! 

I cannot believe this week is over. 
I feel like it flew by 
but I ain't mad at it. 

Here are some of my Friday Favorites:

1. These mulberries that I found in the backyard of my work! I had to turn to Instragram for advice on if I could eat them or not. Turns out, I can! & they are so sweet. 

2. My new shower routine for my crazy skin. You should feel my skin after I use this stuff. I'm sooooo smooth. (for once)

3. On Sunday, Taylor and I enjoyed some tandem kayaking. I like working together, but I think next time I'll get my own kayak. I like kayaking beside him & linking our paddles together. It's WAY more fun than not being able to see him behind me!

4. (you can't really see them) but we made bird feeders out of old water bottles. It was a really fun activity for the kids that I work with. We even put the feeders outside! 

5. Ahhhhh! Last but not least::: FOOD. 
My job is very fun. Yesterday we thought the kids how to make "General Tso's Chicken"
I obviously only ate the green beans and rice! But the chicken certainly smelled good. Let me know if you'd like the recipe! 

Next week marks the beginning of July. 
The thought of July makes me shutter a bit because it's going to be SO busy for me. I'll be spending much of next week packing & preparing for my weekend trip to Gaston, NC. 
Can't wait to get away, but I'm not excited about the long drive and LONGGG hours of singing.

xo, Lynn Raye

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