Marshy Waters.

Marshes are kind of cool.
Disgusting, but cool.
When you think about it, they're pretty ugly & the creatures you find in them aren't very snuggly. 
When you explore a marsh, you can't wear your good gladiator sandals. 
Rain boots or ugly sneakers are a necessity. 
While I was exploring a marsh today in my hometown, I started thinking about their purpose. 
Marshes hang out near large bodies of water and act as sponges to prevent flooding. They've got plants and animals living in them that help feed right back into the large bodies of water. Marshes give and take at just the right moments & are an extremely important asset to this world.
Exploring the marsh and its purpose got me thinking about mine.
I'd like to be more like the marsh. 
I'd like to be the kind of human that gives and takes at all the right times.
I'd like to soak up the overflow of peoples pain & produce fruit that feeds the souls of everyone I come in contact with. 
I am disgusting,
but kind of cool because of Christ.
Lord, help me be more like the marsh & in turn, more like You. 

xo, Lynn Raye

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