AVT BAND Weekend.

Last weekend I had the privilege of traveling to Lake Gaston to sing with some of my favorite people We celebrated America and honored veterans! The weekend was so fun that it felt like three minutes instead of three days. I even got to spend a few hours with my MOH on the way to our hotel. Pit stops for lunch with your bff are the best!

After hours of rehearsal on Friday, my voice was shot. 
I sort of came to terms with the fact that I'd probably really suck on Saturday, but for the most part my voice came through. 

We couldn't have asked for better weather & the veterans that we honored were so sweet. The whole trip was worth the lack of sleep and the ten hours of traffic we sat through on the way back. 

My trip highlights:
- lunch with Sabs
- completely butchering The Beatles with Mark. Whoops.
- belting Whitney Houston across the lake
- making a new pal named Logan
- Taylor being a cool roadie
- a certain band member trying to be slick and losing his speedo (gross)
- the never ending firework show
- snuggling with Lynn on the pontoon boat while fearing for my life
- swimming for 30 minutes

It's been full week since i've been back and I am STILL trying to recover.

xo, Lynn Raye

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