Four months ago I married my best friend. Four months ago Taylor and I became a unit & began navigating this world together. It has been the most beautiful and challenging four months ever. When I think back to November 8th, I feel so many different emotions. 

FYI-- Our wedding day was not the best day of my life… 
I was really sick.
I couldn't talk. 
I didn't sleep much the night before & I was kind of miserable. 
It was cold.
I hate PDA. 
My eyelashes didn't feel secure. 
Thing didn't go as planned. 
People from far away had to leave right after dinner and I didn't get to booty pop with them. 
Some people didn't even show up. 

I think at times, the whole day was kind of a mess. 
How crazy do I seem?
How ungrateful?
But it WAS a mess.
My wedding was a mess. 
It was a beautiful mess. 
It was a beautiful mess filled with highs and lows. 
Expectations that weren't met and surprises that blew the expectations out of the water. 
It was a pretty cool picture of what life actually looks like. 
We spent all of this time and energy preparing and planning. There were people who let us down, and people who went above and beyond.  A few months before, a family friend passed away and I didn't know how to keep moving. 
There were many meltdowns. There were many joys.
& in all of it, God remained good. 
He remained in control. 
That's life. It's beautiful & it's an absolute mess. 

As I reflect on the last four months & my life with Teeds, I can say with confidence that our wedding was not the best day ever. 
I don't think that best day or best life ever actually exists.
There's no such thing as your "best life now" (sorry Joel)

Truthfully, I'll take the messy days over the lies of the best days.
The mess means that God is working... the story isn't finished. 
Today, I am thanking God for my messy life and the messy wedding that brought Teeds and I closer than ever before. 

xo, Lynn Raye


  1. I love how honest this post was. You're right life isn't about making any moment the best moment. It's just about living it and it's going to be messy. Unfortunately that's not how social media portrays everything, but thank you for helping show a little perspective. ❤️

    1. Thanks for your comment Fruitbatsusan hahahah