-- Exploring PA -- Wapwallopen Peach Fest

This Saturday, I had a full tank of gas & an urge to explore. 
I contacted two of my close friends & had them meet at my place for an adventure. 
We drove to the Wapwallopen Peach Festival. 
(donut peaches)

It was 90 degrees & we got there when all the food was gone, but it was still so much fun.
The best part of the fest was the vendors! There were 50 vendors selling crafts and natural beauty supplies. I bought a healing spray, a natural lip balm, & handmade soap. I love visiting outdoor festivals & supporting local farms/crafters! I had a blast with my friends as we bit into fresh peaches and took goofy selfies.

After our peach adventure, we made our way to Bloomsburg to visit our friend Tristan & hit up the Salvation Army on Main Street. We enjoyed amazing coffee at The Fog & Flame and had the best conversations over burritos. Sometimes NEPA surprises me… This weekend was a good surprise.

xo, Lynn Raye


  1. It looks like such a fun day! You make me wanna be in NEPA.

  2. Looks amazing!
    You got me at the word "peach" :)
    A part of my family (well, hubby's) lives in PA - we love to go there and visit!
    xox Nadia

    1. PA can be a really beautiful place (sometimes) lol xo