--> Sweet Sundays <--

Living in NEPA means I don't have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe's close to me. 
It's depressing. 
My bank account is a lot happier going to local markets & getting fresh produce but there's something so fun about going to whole foods, shopping around, & then getting take out.
A few Sundays (a billion Sundays ago), 
Teeds & I were in Delaware for a worship event 
and on Sunday we decided to run to Whole Foods before heading home. 
Running to Whole Foods turned into shopping & lunch with Taylor's brother and my girlfrannnd. 
I don't get to see my Victoria as often as I'd like so anytime i'm in town, you can bet she's by my side. 
We bothered the boys by gossiping about our lives & shopped around while they held our purses (boys are so useful)  

It's really hard living so far away from my best friends. 
I am thankful for sweet Sunday surprises & friendships that withstand the miles.

xo, Lynn Raye


  1. This is my favorite. I miss you, bestie!!

    PS. I look fab is these pics xoxo

  2. I love living near a whole foods, but you're right, my bank account isn't too happy about it!