-- worthy --

The story is always the same.
I log into instagram & bloglovin. 
I look at tons of women who have it all together & I long for their lives.
I want their perfectly manicured nails.
I want their boyfriend jeans, DSLR cameras, chubby babies, natural beauty products, beach hair.
I want their ministries & their pure perfect hearts, their lovely walks with God. 
I close my eyes and wish for a life worthy of a re-pin on pinterest. 
I wish for a life that's worthy--
but when I open my eyes… I'm still me. 

9 out of 10 days I don't even brush my hair.
My acrylic nails are falling off.
My succulents are dying.
A small child (not my own) wiped his boogers on me today & they're probably still on my blazer.
My job leaves me feeling drained emotionally & physically.
My messy buns look a little too messy & my smokey eye is borderline emo. 
My heart dwells on negative things & my temper is a little too short.
I have to force myself to spend alone time with God & even in those moments… my heart wanders. 

Who I want to be is so far from who I am.

But in the moments of wishing I was someone else
I hear God whisper that I am worthy. 
That this grumpy/messy girl was bought and paid for.
This mess was washed clean. 
Who I am is His.

This is enough. 

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