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I was off sick the other day so naturally I spent the day watching DIY videos on youtube. There were a lot of DIY toy videos and I got stupid excited. As soon as I felt better, I rushed to the thrift shop to try to find a treasure that I could fix up. I totally hit the jackpot because I found this Dora doll house that was in pretty good shape. I looked online and found that there are ways to completely renovate plastic dollhouses and I got totally inspired. My goal is to make this house a little more gender neutral. I love the latin flavor that Dora adds to this, but I think the colors are a little too bright for my taste. The best part of this purchase is the fact that it was .99! So if I never get around to renovating it or if kids never use it, I only wasted a dollar. 

I simply can't wait to see what will happen with Dora's casa. 
Taylor & I are slowly preparing for the day that a child or children (eek!) arrive at our house. 
Because we don't know the age or sex, it's hard to prepare their bedroom. 
This is the first toy that I have purchased & it makes it soooo much more real.

We can't wait to meet these babes.
xo, Lynn Raye

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