--> The Foster Shower <--

My close friends & family threw us a Foster Shower right before Easter. 
It was such a beautiful day filled with love. 
Every detail about the day was perfect.
By throwing us this shower and listening to us speak about our hearts for orphans & hurting children, my friends proved that they were with us 100% in this parenting journey. 
I've read multiple articles about foster families feeling alone & I've shared that fear with our friends. 
As our friends laid hands on us & prayed, I knew that this crew would never let us feel alone in our journey. 
I teared up as we opened thoughtful presents for our future babes.
I was emotional because I knew that these kids won't just be getting foster parents, they will be getting a foster village. 
They say it takes a village to raise a child.
& our village is the best.

love you all. 
i am so thankful for each of you. 

xo, Lynn Raye

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