little green couch

We have a little puke green couch that we got from the Habitat for Humanity Restore about a year ago sitting in our living room. The puke green couch isn't very comfortable or cute… but it works just fine for hulu binges and occasional naps. Teeds and I can both sit on the couch & be semi-comfortable. 
But the BEST times are when he isn't home & Daphne and I can lay together for hours. We wrap up in our blankets, put on some housewives (whichever city… Daphne likes Atlanta best), & hunker down for a few hours. The puke green couch serves Daphne & I well after a long work week. Sometimes when Taylor is home and we're sharing the puke green couch… I can see the longing in Daphne's eyes. She longs for the moment when Taylor heads to the market or work so we can have our cuddlefest & reality show marathon. Don't tell Teeds… but I long for those moments sometimes too. 
Just something about a girl & her dog & her puke green couch. 

xo, Lynn Raye


  1. You forgot to add the part where Daph and I sleep together there some weekends and when you and I eat Coconut Lin while drinking Starbucks and binge watch Teen Mom 2.