-- Richmond, VA --

Teeds & I visited Richmond, VA on our way to Lake Gaston.
Richmond is special because my best girl lives there. 
Her name is Sabs (i'm into weird nicknames) & she just gets me.
Sabs & I were suite mates, roommates, & neighbors during our college days. 
Our college friendship consisted of adventures gone wrong, late night chats about Jesus, & playing dress up. Our grown up friendship isn't that much different except we are both old, married, and we live far away from each other. 

We stopped in Richmond for 24 hours of much needed bestie time. 
 Coffee & brunch at The Daily in Carytown
Carnivore/herbivore heaven.
Shopping around & posing with my darling

24 hours just wasn't enough time with my Sabs...
but it was better than nothing.

Can't wait to visit again in a few weeks and spend an entire weekend.

xo, Lynn Raye