Summer Walks

Every evening Teeds & I take our little pup on a walk around the hood. 
We talk about our hopes, dreams, & plans for the future. We hold hands & dance & explore. 
Teeds & I have big BIG dreams
and we serve big BIG God. 
Living in this little city has been hard for me…

But walking around last night with my favorites put my heart at ease. 
This is where we are right now. 
This is where God has planted us. 

I will find joy. 

xo, Lynn Raye

ps if i'm lucky, I get coconut chocolate ice cream after :)


  1. mmmmm........coconut chocolate ice-cream! Sounds yummy!!


  2. I'm glad you're finding peace with where The Lord has placed you.

    Even if I haven't </3

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  4. I love going on walks all year round of course ice cream is the best!
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