New Family

Marriage is so bizarre.
You start a new family
you inherit someone else's family
you share your own family. 
It's just weird. 

On Friday night I had the privilege of cooking dinner & hosting my in-laws. 
I wanted the meal to be perfect... MADE FROM SCRATCH. FRESH. ORGANIC. 

Trying to impress/win over/be myself
around a new family is hard.

I find myself a bit difficult to love. 
I live in extremes and it's easy to misinterpret my passion. 

Trying to figure out my place in this new family has been hard for me. 
& there have been many ups and downs.
But God makes all things work together for the good of those who love Him. (Romans 8:28)

This family was predestined & created by God for His good. 
It will take time. It will take faith. It will take prayer.
But it will work. 
& it will be worth it.

As I was chopping veggies & stirring sauces,
I thought about how much effort it was taking to make this meal work.
Sweat was dripping.
My back was aching. 
I worked that morning so I was really tired...
& it almost felt pointless. 

But when they arrived & saw my table full of yummies just for them...
I realized it was worth it. 

It takes work 
but it's worth it.

(it's not perfect but it's made from scratch, fresh, & organic... Just like my new family)

xo, Lynn Raye

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